What is the difference between Line and Plane section in SPC?

I am trying to create 2 composite sections - Steel-I girder with concrete infill all around it (Base, Web and Top as well).
For the I-Girder, we have 2 options - Line and Plane definition.

I am attaching herewith snapshots of the same. Just want to know what difference does it create if the sections are actually same but defined differently, i.e. once using line definition with thickness for flange and web with concrete infill all around it and in the second case, by directly making the steel section as planar as well.

Assuming that section was created in SPC (Section Property Calculator), section defined is used to calculate section properties. It will not create much difference (negligible difference) when we use line definition with thickness or plane. As steel section is slender, it is prefered to use line thickness method. 
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