Modeling of non-composite bridge


This bridge is non-composite (can’t use Wizard), so I created the main girder, it’s tapered section and stringers using Nodes and elements. Now, I am wondering, how can I define the deck over this superstructure? Material available online related to Bridge modelling in Midas only talks about the composite sections. I would really appreciate you explaining this in detail with the steps and previous model done in Midas for non-composite bridge. Thanks!



Thanks for reaching us.
To avoid the composite action, we can model the deck as plate elements.
Now, for composite action, we consider generally consider rigid link between the deck plate and the girder elements. 
So, to avoid the composite section, we can provide a elastic link with the high stiffness in gravity direction and very low stiffness in other directions (let's say 1kN/m) as shown below.

This low stiffness in other direction are provided for maintain the stability in structure.

A model file has been attached for review. Model is made of 2 girder and deck elements were used as plate elements.
Hope this helps and kindly let me know if further assistance is required.
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