How to import and export load combination from Midas file?


I have created required load combinations in ONe midas file. I was not able to export same load combination file to other midas model.

Under load combination tab if we click on Make Load combination sheet-   File is saved in .LCP format.
But is try to import load combination file     File format required is .LCB format.

Kindly share various options/efficient methods of importing/transferring load combination files from one midas file to other midas file.


Actually the LCP and LCB format were created for different purposes, thus have different format in which they are made and can't be exchanged to use the load combinations.
To import the load combinations from 1 model to another, there are 2 ways. But note that the static load case name and order should be kept same between the 2 models.
1) Importing via MCT command shell.
Copy the load combination data from MCT form model 1 and then paste that load combination data in MCT shell of model 2. Load combination will be copied.
Kindly refer the video MCT load combination for the same.

2) The other way is copying the spreadsheet format into the excel from model1 and then copying it back to load combination spreadsheet format for model 2 as shown below.
Note: First copy the load combination which include static and other variable loads but doesn't contains the other load combination. For eg. Envelope of ULS case should be made at the end as it contain other load combinations in it.

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