projecting nodes from straight line over a parabola



I want to project the nodes from a straight line over a parabola, but to make a parabola those 3 points are needed...these 3 points are not inline  from where i want to project these nodes , and i cant change the position of these three points as it will change the shape of parabola , 

so as i project the parabola over these three points , by selecting option "projection line" and divinding it in equal parts as needed . the nodes are not projecting as required.

i also tried to use project nodes option , but it didnt work.

thankyou sir


Thanks for reaching us.
We can project the nodes on parabolic curve in UCS x-y plane. So, first we define the UCS plane and then we will use the project noed option.
Kindly find the attached video on projection of nodes on parabolic curve.

Hope this helps and kindly let me know if further assistance is required.

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