Errors observed while starting "General Section Designer or GSD"

GSD is an external feature which calculates the inelastic hinge property for various non-linear analysis.
This knowledge base covers various approaches that our users can take to resolve errors observed while initiating GSD recently.

1. Re-installation of "Vector Draw"
"Vector Draw" is required to perform GSD correctly. However, it might be wrongly installed during installation process or the version of the "Vector Draw" might be not compatible with GSD.

i) Uninstall the current "Vector Draw" from the Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program.

ii) Find and reinstall "Vector Draw" from the C:\\Program Files\MIDAS\midas Civil\Vector Draw folder.

If reinstalling "Vector Draw" does not resolve the issue, the user needs to modify the Window Display settings.

2. Adjusting Windows display settings
GSD works the best when Windows display setting is 100%. The user can manually modify the display % from control panel. 

i) Windows 7 or lower version users
a. Go to the Control panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display and select 100% for the size of text.

ii) Windows 10 users
a. From Start menu, go to the Settings > System > Advanced display settings. 

b. Select the Advanced sizing of text and other items > Set a custom scaling level and select 100% for the size of text.

If any of above approaches does not resolve your issue with GSD, please submit a ticket.

Thank you so much.

MIDAS Support
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