Can you explain the following issues related to a bridge model? Why is the black text section (Comp_NU63) used instead of the blue text section defined in the bridge wizard for the composite section (image attached), and whether the composite section is correctly modeled? The girder seems to be embedded in the deck, but it should have a separation from the bottom of the deck or be flashed. It is centered on top, and the offset is 8 inches as input in the section. Is it possible to include the superelevation of the deck in the bridge wizard?



1. Since you selected ‘Deck as Plate, Girder as Frame’ as Modeling Type, the non-composite section is made.
Composite section includes slab part. It should be excluded if you want to make slab as plate elements.
2. For ‘Deck as Plate, Girder as Frame’ as Modeling Type in the wizard. midas Civil consider Haunch Height as a half of thickness of deck plus haunch height.
Please refer to the figure below. Apologies for your confusion, we will modify this for the future development.
For now, you should input a half of thickness of deck plus haunch height as “Haunch Height”.

3. It is not possible for the present. We will consider that in the future development.
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