Midas GUI productivity/usability tools


Is it possible to spend about 30mins with me on screen-share to help me with productivity tools in Midas.
- I’d like to do the following if possible
a. Display changes in a model at given stage (e.g. what load or element is new in a given stage?)
b. Display input loads(e.g. beam loads ) as color contours
c. Displaying contours in general
d. Scrolling through construction stages and or load cases?


a. Select [Query > Group Activation of CS], you can see the structure group by construction stage.

b. It cannot display input loads as color contour.

c. Refer to the image below to set the displaying contour.

When you select a construction stage as shown above and scroll the mouse wheel, you can see the model corresponding to the given step.


Best regards.
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