Assigning Different Sections to Elements for Construction Stages


I am analyzing bridges in MIDAS Civil with the following construction stages:

1) Non-Composite: Just steel beam with DL from self-weight of beams, deck and diaphragms
2) Composite: Composite BM/slab section with effective flange width, superimposed DL applied
3) Composite with Cover Plate: Composite BM/slab section with a cover plate. Any additional superimposed DL added after the cover plate is bolted, as well as the LL will be applied.

I can only find one way to apply a section to the given elements. How do I set it up so that the correct section property is used for each element at the correct construction stage?


You can define “Composite Section for Construction Stage”. In the option, you can activate each part defining composite stage.
Please refer to the figure below.
Menu > Load > Load Type : Construction Stage > Composite Section For C.S

To make 3 parts in one section, you can use Sectional Property Calculator which is called SPC program.
You can define a section which midas Civil doesn’t support.
Please refer to the attachment.

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Question 2:
Ok, so as shown below, I would set the number of “Parts” to the number of construction stages. Each construction stage would have the stiffness calculated based on one of the user defined sections.
Then this “Composite Section for Construction Stage” is applied to the individual members? Does it matter than what section is applied to the beam itself? Does it need to be the final section?

Answer 2:
"Composite section for construction stage" is applied to the section you already defined in section property, not to the individual members.
So, you should select a section which you want to apply the function.
Please refer to the tutorial I attached previously.
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