Two Span Composite Steel Girder Bridge Reaction at Pier

Two Span Composite Steel Girder Bridge Reaction at Pier
Question 1:
I have created a two span steel composite bridge using the Steel Composite Bridge Wizard. I need to determine what the reactions are at each bearing (7 girders total for a total of 21 bearings). I can determine the reactions at the abutments for each moving load case and load combination, but the model will not let me see what the reactions are at the pier bearing locations. The only reactions it shows me are at the base of the Pier Columns (I have attached a screenshot reference of the reaction display from one of the moving load cases). The Pier has a pier cap and 4 pier columns. In my "Supports" table I had supports at just the bearings and the base of the Pier Columns (18 total), so I added the 7 girder location nodes at the Pier to the "Supports" Table (25 total) in the preprocessing mode, but when I run the analysis the program deletes those supports in the analysis and the Post Processing results show the supports only at the abutments and pier columns (18 total). I would like to know if there are any ways to create those pier girder locations as supports so I can see the reactions at those locations without having the redo the model and all the reinforcing, load combinations, etc. I understand that I can redo the wizard using the boundary type as "Bearing Type" instead of "With Substructure", which is not the intent of what we are trying to do. Is there anyway to see those pier reactions while having a Pier Substructure in the model?

Question 2:
When viewing the dead load reactions is there a way to separate out the Dead Load (DC) Values from the Dead Load (DW) values?

Question 3:
This design case uses a NJDOT Permit Load Vehicle as well as HL-93TDM and HL-93TRK. Is there any way to determine which combination of vehicles for a given moving load case is being used to created the maximum or minimum reaction results? I understand the option to define the vehicles in the moving load cases to be applied to specific lanes, I''m just not sure if there is a way to determine in the output which lanes or how many lanes each specific vehicle is being placed in the output.

Thank you
Moving Load Case Reaction Example.JPG
1. If you have defined supports additionally, you should activate the new supports in construction stage. And please send us relevant model file if no reaction result is shown.
FYI, when you model a bridge with substructure, you can view Elastic Link table to check forces at the location of bearing (Menu - Result - Table - Elastic Link).
2. You can exclude some load cases you want as shown below. However, you can only distinguish up to 3 load combinations.

3. There is a function named 'Moving Tracer' and you can view which vehicles are applied on which lanes. I attached a tutorial PDF file for reference.
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