Two Span Composite Steel Girder Loading Adjustments

Question 1:
I have attached a screenshot of the Bridge Wizard I used to create my model. Is there a way to adjust the value of a specific loading, for example the 0.4k/ft of the barrier or the 0.14999 k/ft^3 value for the wearing surface weight density, without having to redo the model again? I understand that in the LOAD section under Nodal Loads and Beam Load Tables I can adjust the values for each member, but I'm under the impression that these values are already distributed based on their spacing. Is that assumption, correct? Also is there a way to input the overall loading without having to change the input for each member?

Question 2:
I have separated out different load cases in the Construction Stage Analysis into three load cases:
1- Additional Loading 1 and 2 (Sidewalk)
2- Wearing Surface (FWS)
3- Self Weight and Wet Concrete (Beams and Deck No Forms)

Is there a way to create more than 3 load cases?
Also when I view the CS: Dead Load Reactions during the construction stages, would those values be based on the remaining Dead Loads that are not mentioned above? (which would be the Formwork, Barrier and Utilities)?
1. You can change the coordinates of nodes in Nodes Table (Menu – Node/Element – Nodes – Nodes Table) to change loads spacing.
You can use load table; you can copy and paste like Excel program in midas Civil.
You can view the table by clicking right button on the tree menu.

2. You can create only up to 3 cases.
And yes, CS load cases remain Dead Load except for the erection loads.
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