HL-93 Moving Load


HL-93 Moving Load

When applying HL-93 moving load, I don''t think that a second truck is being utilized for calculation of moment and reaction at a pier (negative moment). This seems to be confirmed when the Moving Load Tracer function is utilized (I see lane loading and only one truck). Please tell me how to ensure that a second truck is being used.


If you intend to design in AASHTO LRFD, there are functions to consider about negative moment in the code named “Lane Supports-Nagative Moments at Interior Piers” and “Lane Supports-Reactions at Interior Piers”.
Please refer to the following path of functions and link to the online manual.
Main Menu > Load > Moving Load > Lane Supports - Negative Moments at Interior Piers.
Main Menu > Moving Load > Lane Supports - Reactions at Interior Piers.
If you have any problem following manual, please send us relevant model file.
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Jihoon Kang

Question 2:
Still not seeing how this is applied. Attached is a model file. Please show me where two trucks are applied. Additionally, please confirm the distance between the two trucks is a MINIMUM of 50 ft. Base on the attached model, this distance may be required to be further.

Answer 2 :
You should check on “Span start” where supports are defined on “Traffic Line Lanes” dialog.
Then you can view two trucks.

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Jihoon Kang
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