Does Midas Gen Link For Revit 2017 work with student version of Revit


Dear Sir or Madam,

I have installed Revit 2017 Student Version.
I have installed Midas Gen 2017 v2.1.
I try to install Midas Gen Link For Revit 2017, using the files MidasLinkSetupForRevit2017.msi or setup.exe in
C:\Program Files\MIDAS\midas Gen\midas link for Revit Structure\Revit 2017 MidasLink_for64bitPC

However, I get an error message.

Midas Link for Revit 2017
Any version of Revit that can use Midas Link has not yet been installed on your computer.
Please install Revit 2017 first and try again.

When I accept, I get a new message

Midas Link for Revit 2017
Error 1001, Installation was cancelled

I underlined the sentence "that can use Midas Link" because I have Revit 2017 installed, so I think I may have a Revit that Midas Link cannot use. As I have Student Version, I wonder if that is the reason why Midas Link cannot use it.

Yours sincerely,


MIDAS-Revit link supports Revit, Revit Structure, and Revit Architecture. This link works as “Adds-in” module in Revit program. We have checked MIDAS-Revit link for both commercial version and trial version and it worked without any problem. However, we have not tested student version. Please check if student version allows “Adds-in” module. If yes, please also check your exact name of Revit you are using and inform us.
Thank you.

Best regards,
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