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Good afternoom , please can you Send me a Steel Design Guide for Midas Gen (AISC LRFD)

I will use the commands 'Check' and 'Optimal Steel Design' in Midas Gen, for a Building.

Thank you


Thank you for sending your question.
Unfortunately, we don't have a steel design guide for AISC LRFD.
However, there is a tutorial named App1_Steel_Structure. In this file, the model is applied AISC914th)-LRFD19 for steel design.
I attached this file. If you download the midas Gen, you can also find these tutorials via [C:\Program Files\MIDAS\midas Gen\Manual\Tutorials].
And there is a information about 'Optimal Steel Design' in midas Gen Online help. Please check it.
If you have any question, feel free to contact us.
Thank you.

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